Eating Disorders

  • An informative pdf on eating disorders and body image.
  • 10 million women in the USA suffer from eating disorders. Many are young women, in the prime of their lives. Please educate yourself so you can protect yourself, your daughters, your spouses, and your loved ones.
  • The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) provides education, resources, and support to those suffering from eating disorders. The organization also conducts research about eating disorders and sponsors events to raise awareness about the dangers of ED. NEDA is one of the primary benefactors of the Jackie Bristow Memorial 5K Run/Walk.
  • Another good resource is MEDA, the Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association, Inc.
  • An article on the spread of eating disorders to Asia.
  • Some interesting body image statistics.
  • The tri-delta campaign to Fight to End Fat Talk!
  • features an article about eating disorders that offers advice to parents who may have a child suffering for an eating disorder. Some sections include “warning signs,”what to do” if you suspect an eating disorder,” and “preventing eating disorders.” Because of the strong impact of family on a child’s or teen’s relationship with food and relationship with her/his body, this article sheds light on an essential aspect of preventing and working against eating disorders.
  • An article for teachers who are interested in creating a healthy environment for their students. Topics covered include teaching eating disorders curriculum, how to address the parents, weight and shape attitudes for teachers, and what teachers can do.